Preston Marine Services (PMS) – Tariff

Tariff from 1st April 2023 including VAT at 20% – subject to berth availability, application and acceptance.

This tariff supersedes all others of Preston Marine Services Ltd.


(Length Over All – including davits / bowsprits etc / bathing platforms etc.)

NOTE – The maximum boat size considered for permanent mooring at Preston Marina is a displacement of 12 tonnes / beam of 4m / length overall of 12.2m (any one feature).


Berthing Licence Type (Prices per metre LOA) 12 months 6 months 3 months 1 Month 1 Day Visitor Specials Daily *
Early Payment Discount Rate. (Full payment at start of contract) £230 £127 £83 £35 £2.50 From £10 per boat/night
Berthing Paid Monthly (subject to approval) £253 £139.70 N/A N/A £2.50 From £10  per boat/night
Narrowboat Discount Rate **. (Full payment at start of contract) £184 £102 £55 £29 £2.50 From £10 per boat/night
Narrowboat Berthing Paid Monthly ** (subject to approval) £202.40 £112.20 N/A N/A £2.50 From £10 per boat/night

Hammerhead pontoon berths attract a premium of 15% surcharge.


* Special day visitor rates per boat/night. Max 14 consecutive nights – all subject to available space;

£10 per night – on un-serviced visitor pontoon outside marina gate – includes access to toilets 10am – 5pm

£15 per night  – on pontoon marina berth inside marina gate – includes electricity and 24 hour access to toilets & showers.



Minimum chargeable length for non-narrowboats 6.10 metres (20ft) Length Over All on deck.

** Narrowboats (min chargeable length 9.14m (30ft)- Click here for full details of special mooring schemes.

Multihulls – as above plus 25% surcharge.
Quayside Berths by Arrangement


Semi-Residential Scheme (if vessel occupied more than 50% of nights in contract) = £64 per month surcharge (inc. VAT) for up to 2 semi-residential occupants. (PLEASE NOTE – WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW SEMI-RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS – CHARGES APPLY TO EXISTING CUSTOMERS ONLY)


Semi Residential Berthing Scheme – CLICK HERE

Small Craft Summer Berthing Deal – CLICK HERE

Open Keelboat Special Scheme – CLICK HERE


Boat Hard Standing:  25% surcharge on pontoon rates (= £287.50/m per year if paid at start of contract).

Annual pontoon berth-holders are entitled to 90 days hard-standing included in price, 6 month pontoon berth-holders are entitled to 30 days hard-standing (both exclude lifting & chocking).

Regular overnight occupancy on boats ashore on the hard standing is not permitted.

Multihulls + 25% surcharge
Empty Cradle/Trailer (named) £23 per month
PMS Cradle/Packing Hire F.O.C. up to 90 days, then £30/mth thereafter
Mast stored off vessel £23 per month

Storage Sheds (supplied by PMS); POA

Note: no items to be left in boatyard or pontoons without arrangement – any unauthorised occupation will result in the disposal of the property. PMS will accept no responsibility.

Handling and Re-location in yard

All lifting is to be conducted by Preston Marine Services Ltd.   LIFTING CAPACITIES;  12.2m length / 4.0m beam / 12.5 tons – any one feature.

LIFTING RATES BELOW ARE FOR PRESTON MARINA LONG-TERM BERTH-HOLDERS ONLY (minimim berthing contract of 3 months). 25% surcharge for non long-term berth-holders.

Single lifts £ per metre to/from water or yard re-location A B C D
Dayboat/Offshore Rates Are Each Way To 7.00m 7.01m – 9m 9.01m –11m 11.01m – 12.02m
To/from – water/yard/road transport £20 £21 £26 £29
Lift out, hold in slings for 4 hrs, lift in £24.50 £25.50 £31 £34


PMS Cradle / Packing Charge – for deep keeled vessels (or where deemed necessary by PMS) where extra equipment and/or labour are required to securely pack such a vessel a one off charge of £7/metre (boat LOA) will be made.

  • Lift rates apply to vessels not exceeding 12.2m x 4.0m x 12.5 tons (any one feature)
  • Multi-Hulls – as above + 25% on hull lifting rate
  • Narrowboats to 60’ as per category C

Movement of vessel on water to/from crane is to be by owner – if undertaken by P.M.S. a minimum charge of £55 will be applied.

To request a lift slot please contact the marina office – lifting is subject to confirmation and suitable weather.

Mastwork (Single Spreader Masts Only)

Step/unstep bare mast to/from deck (up to 1 hour) £12 per metre of boat length.

2nd Mast on vessel £7 per metre boat length.

Additional time on mast work after first hour £49 per hour (or part thereof).

  • Bare mast means no sails, electronics connected or booms etc. – 4 stays in place only.
  • Mast lifting includes rig/de-rig 4 stays only (no electrics, electronics, sails or booms) – extra work on time and material basis.


Owners may themselves be liable for any loss or damage caused by them, their crew or their Vessels and they shall be obliged to maintain adequate insurance with a minimum of third party liability cover for not less than £3,000,000, and cover against wreck removal, pollution clean up and salvage, and, where appropriate, Employers’ Liability cover to at least the statutory minimum.
The Owner shall be obliged to produce evidence to the Company of such insurance within 7 days of a request to do so.

Pressure Washing

(by Marina staff only – we will not loan our pressure washer out on any basis)

Boat Hull (under water line) £9 per metre. Multihulls x 2. Heavily fouled hulls may be charged rate x 1.5

Alternatively, £30 per half hour


(With operator)

£35 per half hour (Minimum charge)

General Cranage / Boat Parker usage.

(With driver. Subject to equipment limits)

£50 per half hour (Minimum charge. Rigging and de-rigging time will be included)


Preston Marina encourages D.I.Y. work and the engagement of approved outside contractors. On occasions where PMS staff may be engaged the following labour charges will be applied. A minimum of a half hour charge will be applied;

Unskilled Worker (eg. cleaning and basic maintenance/antifouling, lifting assistant, on-deck assistant): £25 per hour

Skilled Worker (eg. engineering, mechanical / electrical work, rigging, crane banksman): £45 per hour

Pump Out & Chemical WC disposal

Always by minimum 24 hours arrangement. Not available on Sundays.

At Pump-Out Quay (not available during lock operation time window.): £17

At Berth: £25 per 75 litres.

Discounted for berth-holders under the Semi-Residential Berthing Scheme.

Chemical WC disposal – beside toilet block.



Standard Berthing Charges Include: All locking, use of toilets, showers, water hoses and intermittent parking for up to one taxed non-commercial cars/small vehicle – NOTE; Fresh water supply points are likely to be turned off at times surrounding forecasts of freezing weather.

Calor Gas: Available from Marina office at Calor RRP

Diesel – Red diesel (gas oil) is available from our quayside pump in the lock chamber. Contact the office for the latest prices and to make arrangements for a delivery. A declaration of usage for duty must be signed with each diesel sale.

Petrol – Morrisons supermarket approx. 200 metres from the marina. Maximum of 2 x metal 20 litre jerry cans at a time.

Additional Car Storage

£30 per vehicle (non-commercial. taxed or untaxed) per month. PLG Vehicles only.

Bicycle Storage

Bicycles should ideally be stored on the Vessel’s deck. They should never be stood or secured against any marina equipment .

Mail & Parcel Handling

Unsigned for mail (envelopes) can be received by PMS and will be placed in the berth-holders mailbox at the Marina Reception counter. This is a free service available to all berth-holders. Those wishing for PMS to sign for and store any parcels or mail for collection can opt for this service for £75 per 6 months (minimum) or £130 per 12 months. (These charges are approx 50% lower than a Royal Mail PO Box). This service is included F.O.C. with the Semi-Residental Berthing Scheme. PMS undertakes to take reasonable steps to ensure safe storage of any mail or parcels received but ultimately accepts no responsibility for losses, or for the condition and contents of any mail or parcels received or the loss of any mail or parcels within the carriage system outside of the control of PMS. A free allowance of 1 signed for parcel or mail item per quarter will be made.


Electricity is available on the pontoons & serviced yard via metered lead issued by PMS, extension cable supplied by berth holder A £50 refundable deposit is payable on metered leads. A standing/meter rental charge of £42 per quarter is charged quarterly in arrears to cover the cost of meter rental, infrastructure and administration. This charge will continue whilst a meter remains allocated to a vessel. The electricity used is charged at the same time at the cost per unit invoiced to Preston Marina by our suppliers. Supply of electricity is subject to completion of a separate application form. Un-metered supply will be disconnected and a charge of £42 per occasion will be made.

Alternatively a 24 hour ticket for the supply of 16A electricity is available from the marina office for £5.

Chandlery & Shop Discounts: Berth-holders with a minimum 6 month berthing licence and an up to date account can claim a Discount Card for the majority of purchases from the marina chandlery and shop. Click here for full details.


A full brokerage service is available for boats at Preston Marina that are well presented, in good order and seaworthy. Other yacht brokers are not permitted on our premises without the prior written consent of the marina management. If a Vessel berthed at Preston Marina is advertised for sale, either privately or with another broker or commercial operation without written consent from the marina the Berthing Licence will be terminated and temporary berthing will be charged at the Daily Rate (non Visitor) until the Vessel leaves the marina. Please note that berthing is not transferable.

Live aboard

We are not currently accepting any live-aboard berthing applications.

Up to 50% of the period of your berthing contract may be spent overnight on board while afloat.

Staying overnight on board is not permitted on the hard-standing.

Outside Maintenance Contractor

Berth holders may wish to employ maintenance contractors or surveyors to work on their boats who are not connected with PMS. Such contractors should notify the marina office of their presence at the marina and provide evidence of Third Party/Public Liability Insurance in a sum of not less than £3,000,000 in respect of each incident.


The early payment discount rate applies when the total berthing licence period fees are paid in full with a single invoice at the commencement of the licence period. Monthly payment arrangements are invoiced once per month for 10 months (in the case of a 12 month contract), the amount of these 10 monthly invoices will cover the final 2 months of the licence period when no further invoices will be raised. In the case of a 6 month contract 5 monthly invoices will be raised on the same basis. All invoices are due for payment within 14 days of date of invoice. All accounts to be settled prior to vessel’s departure. Invoices that are not settled on time will attract late payment charges at the rate of 5% per month. Berths vacated before expiry of contract period do not attract an automatic entitlement to a refund. Berthing contracts are for periods stated and are not automatically renewed but will be reviewed prior to expiry and a new application form will be required.

The General Conditions of The Yacht Harbour Association & BMF apply, as do the guidance notes and Bye-laws of Preston City Council & The General Terms & Conditions of Preston Marine Services Ltd (Copies available on Request). We operate under the Code of Practice as recommended by T.Y.H.A.



At Preston Marina we try very hard to make sure that our customers receive the best possible service at all times, but we also know that we sometimes don’t get things right first time, and in order to fix it, we need to know.You can raise your complaint with the Duty Manager at the Marina Reception. Or you can let any member of staff know that you wish to raise a complaint and they will put you in touch with the Duty Manager


Or you can call the Marina Reception at any time and ask for the Duty Manager. If they are not available they will call you back. The number is 01772 733595.


You can send a written complaint via email to info@prestonmarina.co.uk  or by letter to;


The Manager, Preston Marina, Navigation Way, Riversway Docklands, Preston, PR2 2YP


We take complaints very seriously and once we know about your complaint we will investigate and put things in action appropriately to resolve the issue as a matter of priority.

Neglected boats and boats with oustanding debts

Please CLICK HERE for information