Lock gate operating times

Lock Gate Openings – Winter

October 1st – March 30th

All weekday lock operations must be requested with minimum 24 hrs notice.  To book a weekend lock gate operation the request must be submitted to the marina office by 15:00hrs Friday.

The lock gates can operate from one hour before Liverpool High Water to two hours after, where H.W. falls between 07:00 hrs and 20:00 hrs. (local time)

Call Marina Office – 01772 733595

Lock Gate Openings – Summer

April 1st – September 30th

Preston lock gates are operated at every tide when High Water (Liverpool) is between 07:00 and 20:00hrs local time.

The lock gates can open from one hour before Liverpool High Water to two hours after.

Call “Riversway” on VHF Ch. 16.

The lock gates and swing bridge at Preston Marina are operated by Preston City Council.  The control tower can be contacted on VHF Channel 16 (Call “Riversway”). The gates can open up to one hour before High Water (Liverpool) and can remain open until two hours after H.W.





Vessels arriving outside these hours can remain alongside the waiting quay (often referred to as the lay-by berth or “bull nose”locally)  which is against the south wall of the entrance channel to the dock just before (west of) the outermost pair of dock gates. There is sufficient water at low tide for most vessels to remain afloat against this area of quay wall, but the river bottom here is such soft mud that, if your keel does touch at low tide you probably won’t notice. There is a good ladder here to get ashore, and it is possible to get a car very near to the top of the ladder.


Call Preston Marina (not Preston City Council) on 01772 733595 to check availability of berths and suitability of services for your boat.  Note that we operate a max weight limit for lifting of 12 tons – and this feature is a primary consideration in our decision to accept boats for long term berthing contracts (boats heavier than this are unlikely to be accepted for long term (not visitor) berthing).