Privacy Policy

Information is stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018.

Data will remain confidential with Preston Marine Services Ltd (P.M.S.) with the following exceptions:

1) Mobile telephone numbers and boat names only are given to a 3rd party (Howick Forge, Preston) if customers request access to the yard vehicle gate system, these numbers are added to a database and can then be used to operate the gate – when the boat departs these numbers are deleted.

2) In an emergency situation and if details are required by the emergency services to aid the situation.

3) If the authorities have the correct paperwork to demand the information from P.M.S.

4) By court order.

5) The Preston Marina Training Centre shares student details with the R.Y.A. in order for certificates to be awarded. Application forms have to be stored for a period of at least one year in accordance with the conditions made by the R.Y.A.

Invoices, which may contain contain customer information, are required to be retained by P.M.S. for 7 years according to H.M.R.C. tax requirements.

Data provided by customers will be used by P.M.S. to contact them with information regarding marina and training related business only, the above exceptions apply, berthing renewal paperwork and Christmas cards will be sent via the postal service, but e-mail is the preferred method for all other berthing administration documents and marina correspondence. Mobile phone numbers are used to activate the yard vehicle gate and to send text messages to berth holders with security information and general messages from the office. Telephone numbers will be used to contact customers for marina related business only, the above exceptions apply.

Data provided by customers are secured on password protected systems and filing is available to the relevant marina team only; all paper copies containing customer information will be treated as confidential and when they are to be disposed of they are treated as confidential waste and will be destroyed accordingly.