Petrol Delivery Service

Preston Marina sells red diesel – but not petrol. Nor, we think, does any other marina on the Eastern Irish Sea coastline between Conwy and Whitehaven.

Recognising the difficulty that owners of boats with petrol engines face finding safe ways to re-fuel in larger quantities locally, Preston Marina is trialling a new Petrol Delivery Service.

It is not quite as convenient as a quayside fuel-berth, but it is massively better and safer than making multiple trips to the petrol station, with a 10 litre metal (or 5 litre plastic) fuel can (the maximum size cans that private individuals can legally fill and transport). And our service is much quicker, more convenient and safer than the messy (and potentially very dangerous) task of pouring petrol from such cans into your boat.


The service is as follows;


1) This arrangement must be pre-booked with the marina office a minimum of 24 hours in advance, and is not available on Sundays.

2) We are capable of delivering up to 200 litres of petrol at a time. The entire quantity of petrol to be delivered must be pre-specified, and all of it must be delivered directly into the boat or approved cans. We are not allowed to store any surplus petrol – so care must be taken by the boat owner to specify an appropriate amount of petrol to be delivered.

3)  The boat must be brought into the lock chamber for re-fuelling, alongside the quay, under the crane area.

4) Only 1 person on board the boat while refuelling (to pump the fuel – must be over 18) – and obviously – no smoking, using cookers or sources of ignition.

5) A suitable fire extinguisher must be to hand both on the boat and on the quayside.


The boat-owner is purchasing the petrol directly from a local petrol station (and will be given the receipt).

Cash re-payment for this service is preferred. Card (cash back) re-payments attract a surcharge at cost.

Preston Marina charge £25 per re-fuelling trip (each trip up to 200 litres)