Preston Marina – COVID 19

UPDATE – Preston Marina COVID 19 (17th October 2020)


As of this date, Lancashire and therefore Preston Marina is now within the UK Government’s “Tier 3” level of restrictions to control the spread of Covid-19.

This means that people are not permitted to socialise with anyone other than members of their own household or nominated and legally permitted support “bubble” indoors or outdoors.

Coffee Shop – members of ONE HOUSEHOLD ONLY  (or a nominated support “bubble”) may meet INSIDE or OUTSIDE. Alchohol can only be served as part of a substantial meal.

Boats – members of ONE HOUSEHOLD ONLY may go onboard boats at Preston Marina at this time.

Travel and Overnight Stays – Travel to or from an area of a lower “Tier” level is advised against. Overnight stays onboard boats are advised against.


Please, let’s all stick at it, do our bit and get this terrible virus back under control.


UPDATE – Preston Marina COVID 19 (7th August 2020)


From Sat 8th August 2020 areas within Preston City Council’s coverage are subject to extra Coronavirus measures introduced by the UK Goverment. Preston Marina falls within this area. It means that MEMBERS OF ONLY ONE HOUSEHOLD (or support “bubble”) MAY MEET INDOORS AT THE PRESENT TIME. Please do not arrange to meet friends and family that you do not live with in the indoor seating area of our cafe at this time. You can meet at our outdoor area subject to suitable weather, but please bear in mind that if you are outside and the weather turns bad, mixed households should not come inside together. Please bear that in mind before heading out.


UPDATE – Preston Marina COVID 19 (24th July 2020)

FACE-MASKS must now be worn in ALL areas inside the marina building – except when seated at a table in the coffee shop. (Masks must be worn when ordering food at the counter.)


UPDATE – Preston Marina COVID 19 (23rd July 2020)

The Coffee Shop is now open – with social distancing, extra hygeine measures in place.


UPDATE – Preston Marina COVID 19 (4th July 2020)

From today boat-owners are allowed to stay overnight on their boats.

We remind boat-owners that at the present time non-essential travel to Wales, the Isle Of Man,the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland is not permitted.

Coffee Shop – We have taken the decision not to re-open our Coffee Shop today (4th July). It will be re-opening soon.

Safety First – To protect our staff and customers we want to see how the new legislation works in other places before we re-open so that we know we have tried and tested safety measures in place.

But also….we are taking this opportunity to complete a major refurbishment of the Coffee Shop.

Alongside our existing menu, we will be adding a Pizzeria and licenced cafe bar.

The coffee shop itself will be much larger – giving more room for the tables to allow for social distancing inside.

We are also improving disabled access.

The coffee shop will re-open soon – and it will be worth the wait.

In the meantime our chandlery shop is open now (Mon – Sat 10am – 4pm).

Thank you for your patience – stay safe.


UPDATE – Preston Marina COVID 19 (26th June 2020)

From Monday 29th June 2020 the lock gates at Preston will return to their usual Summer operating hours. The locks are manned when High Water (Liverpool) falls between 0700 hrs and 2000 hrs BST.


UPDATE – Preston Marina – COVID 19  (12th May 2020)


With regard to the revised UK Government COVID-19 strategy announced on Sunday 10th May 2020, and in consideration of guidance from the RYA, Preston Marina is now able to cautiously introduce the following adjustments to the COVID-19 measures that we set out on 25th March (still viewable on this page below). These measures are subject to constant review and may be adjusted again at any time.


From Wednesday 13th May 2020;


Preston Marina berth-holders are able to travel to the marina and visit their boats for maintenance and security. You may visit with members of your own household only. No guests.


If you or anyone in your household has symptoms or if you come into contact with anyone who has then STAY AT HOME AND DO NOT TRAVEL TO PRESTON MARINA.


It is vital that strict social distancing is maintained at all times – keep a minimum of 2 metres away from other marina users and staff. (Example – the main pontoon deck-board panels are 2m long). Please keep moving on the pontoons – go straight to and from your boats and don’t stop on the pontoons.


You may only go onto your own boat.


Overnight stays onboard are not permitted at this time apart for berth-holders with a Semi-Residential berthing contract.


Arrivals of vessels coming from outside of English waters is not permitted.


All berth-holders must wash or sanitise their hands regularly and thoroughly, especially after each use of marina gates, keypads, door handles, water taps, hoses, trolleys, waste disposal facilties, toilets showers and after touching any other communal surfaces. We request that you bring your own hand santiser with you please.


The marina building (office / chandlery / coffee shop) remains closed. The office will be attended between 10am – 12pm Monday to Saturday (NOT SUNDAYS). Please read the information published on 25th March (below) regarding fuel, post, parcels, payment of bills etc.. emails can be sent to


The toilets and showers are available for berth-holders are as per the usual out of hours arrangements. Please help us by cleaning up after your use, leaving the facilities as you would wish to find them.


Boat lifting operations will be resuming in a phased manner. We have a backlog of lifting and other work to address before we can take on new lifting requests so we thank you for your patience. Boat lifting enquiries must be conducted via. email   The general marina lifting schedule can be found by CLICKING HERE with the intention of being able to consider new lifting requests from June 2020.


Going boating….. The revised UK Government CV-19 strategy does make provision for less restricted outdoor excercise, and this has been interpreted by the RYA to allow boating and watersports to resume in England.


From Weds 13th May the lock gates at Preston Marina can be operated for non-essential traffic where High Water (Liverpool) falls between 0700 hrs – 2000 hrs BST WITH 24 HOUR PRIOR NOTICE VIA THE MARINA. Phone 07919 406636 between 1000hrs and 1700hrs to request lock gate operations. This arrangement is in place until further notice but is subject to review.


Those considering going boating must do so only with even more care and consideration for safety than in normal times in order to eliminate the risk of potential involvement of emergency and rescue services as much as is absolutely possible.


Extra close consideration should be given to things like (but not limited to)…


* Checking weather forecasts and tides.

* Creating a passage plan – even for very short trips. Adopt an extremely conservative approach.

* Checking the condition and seaworthiness and preparation of boats (engines, systems and mechanisms serviced and tested, hull bottoms and propellers not excessively fouled, carrying ample fuel).

* All appropiate safety equipment carried and checked.

* Staying well within your abilities as skipper and crew.

* At the present time boating activities must be confined to English waters only. Check with the navigation authority of your destination as part of your passage plan.

* Consider boating with other accompanying boats if possible.


Remember, only members of one household per boat at any one time.



UPDATE END – More updates will be posted on this webpage as they develop.


Preston Marina – COVID-19   25th March 2020

Issued by Preston Marine Services Ltd. (operators of Preston Marina)


We all want life to return to normal as soon as possible – and the way that will be achieved will be by maintaining a safe distance away from each other by staying at home until the progress of this virus is stopped and the virus dies out.

In line with the UK Government’s strategy for beating the virus, as of the evening of 24/3/20 The Yacht Harbour Association (the trade association for UK marinas which sets out our Code Of Practice and of which Preston Marina is a member) has issued some operational procedures for marinas to adopt, which will effect activities as follows;


Preston Marina is essentially closed until further notice.

All berth-holders are instructed not to travel to their boats – please stay at home.


All semi-residential berth-holders are very strongly advised to return to their main residences immediately. If you are able to do this please advise the marina by email and we will credit any paid and unused proportion of your semi-residential marina surcharge when you are able to return to your boat.   Email;


If you are not able to return to your main residence you must advise us immediately via. e-mail stating clearly that, although you have been strongly advised by Preston Marine Services Ltd. to return to your main residence immediately, you are unable to do so. Please include your full name and boat name in your email. E-mail;


If you are unable to e-mail please phone the marina office between 10am – 12pm to make other arrangements. 01772 733595


It is our intention to have one member of marina staff in the office / reception, behind locked doors, daily between at least 10am – 12pm.

Payments of berthing and marina fees can be made over the phone between these times – 01772 733595


Essential services such as supply of gas, diesel and pump outs are still available by prior arrangement through the office. Supply is restricted to £30 per daily transaction – as payments will be via. contactless card – through the glass of the marina front porch door. THERE IS TO BE NO CONTACT BETWEEN MARINA STAFF AND CUSTOMERS.


To arrange supply of gas, diesel or pump out please e-mail us, or phone the office between 10am – 12pm. 01772 733595 and tell us what your requirements are. Please do not just turn up to the office on spec.


Gas – we will try to supply a like for like gas bottle when possible but cannot guarantee this at the moment. Please be ready to change your gas regulator to accept a different type of gas bottle if necessary. For the moment we are asking you not to return your empty gas bottles – please store them securely on the deck of your boat – and not on the pontoons please.


Toilets & showers – will remain available to berth-holders as per the normal out of hours arrangements. Please bring your own toilet rolls and we would really appreciate it if you could bring your own cleaning materials and clean up after your usage. We encourage the usage of chemical toilets on your boats at this time – the Elsan disposal facility is available 24/7.


Laundry – Please phone the marina 01772 733595 between 10am – 12pm for the arrangements.


Parcels & Mail – We strongly advise berth-holders not to order any items for delivery to the marina. Marina staff are unable to guarantee being in attendance to receive any deliveries and we are not able to sign for any deliveries. Please try to make alternative arrangements for deliveries. However, most deliveries arrive here between 10am – 12pm, and as such we may still be able to receive these. The outer door to the marina front porch will be unlocked between at 10am – 12pm and berth-holders will still have access to the parcel box. The letters box has now also been placed in this box. If more than one of you wishes to use the parcel box at the same please keep a minimum 2m distance and wait your turn – and wearing gloves is strongly advised.


Electricity – We will not be reading the electricity meters at the end of March and invoicing for the previous 3 month’s electricity units usage – we will be doing a “roll over” reading at a later date and invoicing to cover the electricity units usage between Jan 1st and the date the meters will be read. In April we will be invoicing for the Standing Charge aspect only for the period covering Jan 1st to March 31st – not the electric units used.


Boat Lifting – We are not able to continue staffing the marina at this time – and so all boat lifting and boat movement operations are postponed.


Lock gate operations – Are for the time being suspended unless required in a distress situation (Grave and imminent danger to a person or vessel).


That’s it for now – we will keep things under constant review and hope to be able to return to normal operations as soon as possible.


For essential marina matters that we may have not covered above please e-mail, or call 01772 733595 (10am – 12pm) or for emergency marina matters call 07919 406636.


We will update this page as things develop.


UPDATE – 7/5/2020 – The RYA outlines the basics of a RETURN TO BOATING STRATEGY, which may be implemented once restrictions are appropriately eased. CLICK HERE TO READ