EXCEL INFLATABLES & R.I.B's - Now available from Preston Marina.

We are delighted to announce that we are now dealers for the fabulous EXCEL range of inflatable boats and R.I.B's.

EXCEL has the widest range of inflatable craft on the market - with quality and features unrivaled by any other brand.

If you are looking for a yacht tender or a roll-up boat to take in a caravan or a high spec sports R.I.B. for watersports and exciting family fun, EXCEL has a boat for you.

Our first EXCEL stock boats are on display now and we will be adding more models from the range during the season


Below is our current stock list for EXCEL inflatables......Click below for more details....

Model   Boat Only Recommended Engine Package Deal
EXCEL Ventura 200 Superlight but super tough - the ideal small yacht tender. 2 person 459 + 3.5hp = 1,051
EXCEL Volante 290 4 persons, High Pressure Air floor and keel 789 + 6hp = 1,672
EXCEL Volante 360 5 persons, High Pressure Air floor and keel 1049 + 9.8hp = 2,683
EXCEL VOYAGER 420 R.I.B. High quality sports R.I.B. 5 seats, Choice of engines from 20 - 50hp. 4277 + 30hp + Trailer = 10,031


Considering another brand?  Check out the feature list of EXCEL boats before you do.....

We do not do mail order of inflatable boats and outboard engines - we offer a local service only.

All the above are offered subject to stock availability. Where possible we try to display an example of all the boats we carry in stock at our showroom.

Prices and specifications include VAT @ 20& and may be subject to change at any time. E&OE